Best Holiday Destinations in Asia for Family Vacations

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Do you know why heading towards the vast continent of Asia for holidays is the best option? There are many best holiday destinations in Asia for a family that will surely pick your interest. Apart from this, the continent itself is full of diversities in culture, tradition, and cuisines.

One who tours to Asia once will never forget his journey throughout his life. Here are some of the best places to visit in Asia that you will surely love.

1. Singapore


Speaking of family holidays and not mentioning Singapore is perhaps wrong. The site is safer, and the streets here are easy to navigate. The site is best suited for families with kids. The essential attractions that you would love to visit here are Sentosa Island, MagaZip Adventure Park, SEA Aquarium, Gardens by the Bay, and the Cove Waterpark.

Apart from this, you can also witness the culture of different countries such as India and Arabs here. There are plenty of food stalls and restaurants in the city that serves delicious food at an affordable price.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Surely Hong Kong is one of the best holiday destinations in Asia for family. The place is equipped with an efficient transport system, and the places are compact. There are plenty of theme parks in Hong Kong and are incomparable. Other than this, the country has a lot more to offer for its tourist guests, such as towering the skyscrapers, hiking for kids, their culture. The lodging and dining here are affordable here.

You must also know that Hong Kong is the home town of massive Disneyland. It is perhaps the first thing that attracts visitors to come to Hong Kong. It will nearly take your entire day to visit Disneyland as there are plenty of activities to do in it. The Ocean Park, Big Buddha, Cable car rides are also famous here. You plan your trip to visit Macau, and Chine from here too.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is also a perfect and affordable holiday destination in Asia. You can relax here as a hardworking adult while your kids can enjoy some fantastic wildlife here in Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Safari park, and Bali Bird Park. Do you know the fact that Bali has the cheapest butler service in Asia for family travel?

4. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is filled with several historical and cultural sites. So if you are such persons who love to know ancient history in a better way, Taiwan is the country for you. There are wide varieties of food available here. Nature here is beautiful, the streets are packed, but transportation is efficient. Places of interest here are Longshan Temple, The National Palace Museum, The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and The Zoo of Taipei. The nightlife here is also excellent. You can visit the Shilin Night Market. The place is filled with hundreds of vendors selling thousands of varieties of delicious food. Small children in Taipei can enjoy elephant rides or can visit the Taipei Children’s amusement park. Taipei was the place that started the concept of bubble tea for kids.

5. Thailand


Thailand is perhaps one of the best holiday destinations in Asia for families. The entire country is filled with diverse landscapes and fun that all age groups of people can enjoy. There are beaches, jungles, temples, and shopping here. It has a major happening city in the world called Bangkok, which consists of plenty of stores and shopping malls.

6. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is one of the best affordable and fulfilled places for vacations. The place is famous for its rich and colorful culture and many delicious cuisines that you have never seen before. Here you can visit the temple of literature where you can also take a pottery class. Visiting Hanoi can easily steal two weeks of your life.

7. Japan


Tokyo is the best place to start your adventure in Japan. There are several attractions, especially for kids in the city. There is the Tokyo Disneyland, seven fun arcades, parks, Ghibli Museum, and many more. You can also visit Kyoto and Nara from here, where places are filled with castles, temples, and deer. These cities have plenty of space for your kids to enjoy and feed the animals freely.

8. Reap, Cambodia Siem

Reap, Cambodia Siem

At Siem, you can enjoy ancient architecture and forests. The area is filled with huge temples together with giant stone-faced structures. You can even enjoy the tuk-tuk ride, which is the specialty of this place.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is also not less in providing you funfilled holidays. There are varieties of food here, several historical sites. You can visit the Lotte World, Everland theme park, and the most popular Trick eye Museum. For families, there are a few places such as Dongdaemun Market, Seoul Forest, Poo Poo land, and many more exciting places. Your kids will surely like the Korean culture and their exceptionally spicy food here.

10. Sabah, Malaysia

Sabah, Malaysia

If you are planning to visit such a place that should be a little different from other destinations, Sabah is the one you are looking for. The site contains vast marine diversities and dense yet beautiful rain forest. The specialty of this national park is that it is made up of 5 islands. But do not worry as they are easily accessible through boats. You can even take your kids to Snorkelling adventures where your kids can enjoy the view of underwater.

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary is also a popular place that is here where you can learn about life and conservation-related issues of orangutans. The best in Sabah is that you can see all the wildlife here in their natural habitat that too closely. You can even feed the animals with your own hands. There are many more funfilled activities to do here which you will never forget.

The Final Words

I hope that now you are well familiar and excited by knowing some of the best holiday destinations in Asia for family. The above places are limited, and apart from this, many other sites are yet to explore.

So if you are planning for a getaway to relieve stress and spend some precious time with your family. Pack your bags and give Asia a chance. You will surely do not regret it.

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